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J39BS in Trinidad & Tobago - Nov 2011

Recently, the opportunity presented itself to go visit my friend - 9Y4PJ - Peter in Trinidad. Plans were made and I was on a flight to Trinidad on Friday, November 4th 2011.
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9Y4PJ - Peter's house in Cunupia.
Was met on arrival by Peter and went to his QTH.

On Saturday, a few hours was spent visiting with Julien - 9Z4FZ at his QTH in Arima.

Sunday, Peter and I traveled to Cap - de - Ville, in Point Fortin to visit with Tony - 9Y4RT. I was really happy to see him. Last eyeball was in 1993/4.

On Tuesday, Peter and I were picked up by Jeff - 9Y4J and we proceeded to the QTH of Noel - 9Y4X in Diego Martin. We chatted a bit and then went to lunch.

After lunch, Noel took leave of us and we made our way to 9Y4B - Ben's QTH where there was a get together of Ben - 9Y4B, Mike - 9Y4MP, Neil - 9Y4NW, Jeff - 9Y4J, Peter- 9Y4PJ and myself. A good time was had by all and we took leave of Ben's QTH around 8.00P.M.

On Wednesday, at Julien's invitation we visited the Preysal Secondary School for their Science Fair. An operational Amateur Radio Station was on display together with other interesting items. The display was put on by the T.T.A.R.L.and the booth was manned by Julien - 9Z4FZ, Lincoln - 9Y4LM, George - 9Z4FRG and Michael - 9Y4MGO.

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Peter - 9Y4PJ

Thursday, was spent in Peter's shack making repairs to some of the wire antennas and working some DX as 10 and 12 meters was wide open.

Friday was spent getting ready for the return trip back home. At 5.30 A.M. on Saturday morning, 12 th November, I was on a flight back to Grenada, arriving at 6.00 A.M.

I was able to make over 1000 QSO's, mostly on 10 and 12 meters with all being on CW. Was not able to do some RTTY as planned.

It was a pleasure to meet the following Amateur Radio Operators for the first time -  Jeff - 9Y4J,  Ben - 9Y4B,  Michael - 9Y4MP,  Julien - 9Z4FZ,  Neil - 9Y4NW,  Lincoln - 9Y4LM,  George - 9Z4FRG,  Michael - 9Z4MGO and David - 9Z4DAA.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself and would like to say thanks to Peter and his family for making my stay so enjoyable.

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Trinidad QSL card

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