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Historical Background

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Parishes of Grenada
  • The Grenada Amateur Radio Club was founded at the home of Clifford Palmer - VP2GX, now deceased, on the 1st June 1955.

  • Founding members were - Clifford Palmer - Sydney Wells - Ray Smith - Hilary Rapier - Alister Hughes - Frank Hughes - George Buckmire - Glynn Evans - Allan Palmer.

  • Clifford Palmer was elected as the first President of the G.A.R.C.

  • The G.A.R.C. was asked by the Government of Grenada to establish emergency radio communications after hurricane JANET had devastated Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique on 22nd September 1955.

  • An Emergency Network was set up to establish communications internally, regionally and internationally and consisted of the following persons :-

    • Ray & Angela Smith - Operated the control station at Tanteen, St.George's.

    • Frank Hughes - Operated the base station from Hillsborough, Carriacou.

    • Allan Palmer & Sydney Wells - Operated the base station from Richmond Hill ( Home of Clifford Palmer ) and established international communications.

    • Alister Hughes - Operated the control station from Gouyave Estate, St. John's.

    • George Buckmire - Operated the control station from the R.C. Church, St. Patrick's.

    • Clifford Palmer - Operated the control station in the parish of St.David's.

    • Sydney Wells - Also operated the control station from the Police Station in St.Andrew's.

  • This network was the ONLY form of communications available to the Government of Grenada at that time.

  • The Equipment used was either HOMEMADE or surplus World War II radio communications units.

  • In 1960, at the request of the Federal Government of the West Indies, the Grenada Amateur Radio Club sent Michael Radix - VP2GZ and Anthony Munro - VP2GS to St. Kitts which was hit by a hurricane. Anthony Munro operated the control station from Basseterre, St. Kitts and Michael Radix operated the control station from Anguilla. At the end of the operation, both persons were highly praised for their efforts by the St. Kitts authorities.

  • The hidden transmitter hunt was a popular exercise organised by the club. This involved the search for a weak signal transmitter using radio direction finding techniques to locate it. This put the club in the position of being able to help the Government locate any unauthorised transmitters should the need arise.

  • With the advent of Independence from Great Britain in 1974, the International Telecommunications Union changed the callsign prefix for Grenada from VP2G to J3.

  • Today, the Grenada Amateur Radio Club stands committed to assist the Government of Grenada in whatever way it can. It offers a pool of radio operators and an abundance of enthusiasm for what is a great hobby.

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Club Meetings

The Grenada Amateur Radio Club holds meetings on the first Monday of each month at 5.00 P.M. in the evening. If that date is a public holiday, then the meeting will be held on the second Monday of that month. These meetings are held at the Grenada Yacht Club located on the Lagoon Road in St. George's. All visiting HAMS are invited to attend.

VHF Repeater

The G.A.R.C. owns and operates a VHF repeater system on 146.760 Mhz with a Minus 600 Khz offset frequency shift. This repeater is located almost geographically in the center of the island at Grand Etang at an estimated elevation of 1900 Feet above sea level. There are a few dead spots but the repeater can be accessed throughout most parts of the island.

Visit the Grenada Amateur Radio Club Website.

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