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In 1983 I started with WB2LCH as my QSL manager and this continued until approximately 1999 when I discovered that he was no longer collecting cards from the Bureau and failed to answer E-Mail that was sent to him by the W2 Bureau manager. Those cards that the Bureau was holding for him have been destroyed. I tried contacting him but was not successful. Up to now, I have not been able to ascertain what happened to him. I have to presume he is a Silent Key. Since that time, I have been handling my own QSLing

You can receive a QSL card as follows -

. Direct

. LOtW


I do not have a QSL manager at the present time.

For DIRECT QSL's, send your QSL card/cards showing the QSO details, along with a SELF ADDRESSED ENVELOPE
and RETURN postage to the address shown below. Valid IRC's or U.S. currency acceptable. I do answer all cards that I receive.
Any queries/questions about QSL's can be sent to me via my E-mail address.

If you THINK you may have made a QSO with me but are not sure, check my online log which is updated regularly,
or send me an e-mail requesting information about the doubtful QSO, instead of just sending a QSL card hoping for confirmation.

Please DO NOT SEND ME COINS from your country. THEY CANNOT BE USED in Grenada.

Please DO NOT SEND ME stamps from your country. THEY CANNOT BE USED for postage in Grenada.

You may search my Logs at the link shown below. My LogSearch page will show a date when the last upload of logs
to the server was done.

There is no functioning Outgoing QSL Bureau in Grenada and I very rarely receive cards from the incoming QSL Bureau.
So the best way to get a card, if you really need one, is via the Direct route.

I upload my logs to LOTW and E-QSL approximately once a month or more regularly if required as determined
by the number of QSO's I have made.

My mailing address as follows :-

Derek Steele
P.O.Box 536

My E-Mail address as follows :-

email me. copy from here

Enter your callsign to see if you have an eQSL waiting!

to see if you have any eQSL's.

QRZ callsign lookup:
Callsign lookups provided by qrz.com

I am a registered user of LoTW -  Click to go to LOTW Website

Also registered as (AG) with E-QSL -  Click to go to E-QSL Website

Member of Ten-Ten International - # 36960

Click to go to Ten-Ten International Website

Click Here - to search my logs online

Click Here - to see who I have sent QSL cards to.

Click Here - to see who I have received QSL cards from.


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My Past and Present QSL cards

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