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Shack of J39BS

Shack of J39BS -  QTH Grenada  -  Caribbean  - 12.05 North Lat.  61.73 West Long.
   !!!    Grid - FK92db   !!!    CQ Zone - 8    !!!    ITU Zone - 11    !!!    IOTA - NA-024   !!!

Grenada Flag

I was first licenced in 1970 and was given the callsign VP2GU. It was changed to J39AS in 1974 when Grenada gained it's Independence from Great Britain. It was further changed to J39BS when it was discovered that J39AS was issued to two individuals by the Telecommunications Office.
I have been active since then on VHF ( 2 meters ) and HF using CW - RTTY - SSB - SSTV and other Digital modes including Packet.  My main interests are in the Digital modes but  I love CW a lot.
Even though I will never really be a serious contender (no Beams - only low dipole antennas here), I really enjoy RTTY contesting
and you will find me taking part in most RTTY and CW contests.

In September of 2004, the island was devastated by Hurricane IVAN with winds of up to 125 M.P.H. 90 percent of all homes were damaged and we were out of commercial power for months. At that time, my 2 radios, an ICOM IC-751 and Yaesu FT-101E were not operating and further suffered water damage, rendering them unrepairable. I them made a decision never to be without a working radio again.
Oh, how I wished I had a working radio during that period of time.

The shack is now as shown in the photograph above with various radios, a computer and some homebrew stuff.


Yaesu FT-950 My Yaesu FT-950 - A real nice radio.

Yaesu FT-950

Icom IC-765

Icom IC-751A

Kenwood TS-850S

Icom IC-2200H (2 Meters)

The Icom 756 Pro 2 Was SOLD

Kantronics KAM Kantronics KAM
Icom IC-751A My Icom IC-751A - A Real Workhorse
Icom IC-765 My Icom IC-765 - My RTTY workhorse
20 Years old and still going strong.

---Kantronics KAM Ver. 6.1 Pactor 1

Icom IC-AT500 Automatic Antenna Tuner

Bird 43 Wattmeter

Bencher Paddle

Old SB-200 (Needs Parts)

Icom IC-AT-500 My Icom IC-AT-500 - A real nice Auto Tuner
Works like a dream.

HomeBrew SoundCard Interface -
Click Here
 - for Photo

HomeBrew SoundCard Interface Schematic -
Click Here
 - To see it.

HomeBrew CAT Interface for Icom Radios -
Click Here  - for Photo

HomeBrew CAT Interface for Kenwood Radios - 
Click Here  - for Photo


Click for larger Image
Rotatable dipole for 20/15/10 Meters

1.   Rotatable dipole for 20/15/10 meters up on a mast at 35 feet in the air fed with 1:1 balun and coax.
( The driven element of my TA33 Jnr beam )

2.   Standard half wave dipole for 40 Meters fed with 1:1 balun and coax up 30 feet in the air.

3.   Standard half wave dipole for 80 meters fed with 1:1 Balun and coax at the same height as the 40 Meter dipole

4.   M-Squared 5 element six meter beam on pole at 30 feet fed with coax

The latest addition is a 40 meter delta loop fed with a 4:1 Balun and coax. I use it on 10/17/20/30/40 Meters with my automatic tuner.
Works great.

Apart from the rotatable dipole for the higher bands, all my other antennas are wire antennas. I do quite a bit of experimenting with wire antennas, so my configuration may vary from time to time.

I did have a standard half wave dipole for 160 meters but that had to come down as the neighbour, through whose property it passed, constructed a new home.

I do have restrictions at this QTH and am unable to erect a beam. So although I have a TA33 JNR Beam, and a CushCraft A3S ( which is sitting in the basement of my sister's house ) and a rotator, I cannot use them.


1.   2.53 Ghz Pentium 4 Dual Core processor - 2 Gb RAM - 160 Gb Hard Drive - Windows XP SP3
Home Built

2.   2.8 Ghz Pentium 4 Dual Core - 1 Gb RAM - 80 Gb Hard Drive - Windows 7 Ultimate
Home Built

3.   2.0 Ghz AMD Athlon - 512 Mb RAM - 40 Gb Hard Drive - Win XP
Home Built -Used for Packet BBS


EasyPal - For Digital SSTV

KG-STV - Another Digital SSTV Program

MMSSTV - For Analogue SSTV


ROS - New Digital Mode

JT65-HF - For Operating JT65 on the HF bands

JT9 - WSJT-X For Operating JT9 on the HF bands

RCKLOG - For RTTY and RTTY & PSK contesting. (Nice Program)


FLDIGI - For Digital Modes

Ham Radio Deluxe & DM780 - For Logging & Digital Modes

Logger32 - General Logging Program - Also used to work RTTY and PSK

N1MM - Contest Logging Program

ADIF Master - For ADIF file manipulations

IrfanView - For Picture viewing and manipulations

XnView - For Picture viewing manipulations

BV7 - For generating QSL Labels

FBB - Packet Radio BBS Program by F6FBB

BPQ MailChat - BPQ switch , BBS and CHAT program by G8BPQ


Adobe Photoshop - For Graphics

Adobe Dreamveaver - For Website Development

Microsoft FrontPage - For Website Development - Part of the Microsoft Office Suite

IP Switch - WS-FTP - For uploads to Website

Cool Text Graphics Generator - For Graphics

Time In Grenada

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